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Our Services

Creative design and production

We strive to produce innovative and unique work for our clients. This is or greatest attribute that makes us stand tall from the rest of the pack. All the creatives that we have developed have been specifically tailored to
our clients’ products. Here are the examples; The TRA Taxpayers’ Appreciation Awards, The Airports Review, The Tanzania ICT Stakeholders’ Convention, The Tanzania housing Summit, etc.

Our creatives are built around a solid communications strategy. If you have a particular objective to achieve with realistic timings and budgets, our Media consulting team comprising of renown creative writers, high quality graphic artists and production personnel, top copy writers etc. will combine all their efforts and talents to achieve your desired goal.

UMG track record demonstrates that our creatives are the best in the market place, and invariably better than our international counter- parts. We are proud of this cornerstone and would be pleased to provide examples
of the fantastic work that we produce. No one understands the Tanzania landscape like we could

Brand Strategies

When UMG is commissioned to undertake a particular campaign, we ensure that we have the right strategies in place. Great campaigns are the result of attaining an insight into the driving forces of target consumers.

We determine what needs to be achieved with every campaign. We establish what the objectives are, define the specific priorities, and recommend the activities required to achieve the desired outcome. For this to be done, we advise our clients to prepare a smart Agency Brief.

Our brand strategies are founded upon the understanding of a client’s business.

Our hallmark is building brands and communication strategies -: we are not just an advertising and marketing agency. We offer all of the services of a fully operational PR and marketing department. We do more than develop communication strategies. We assist in devising marketing and communication strategies which will achieve maximum results, with a minimum advertising spend, and will deliver positive results for the bottom line. We offer total media solutions. From concept development to media placement and monitoring. We are proud to be one for the first in Tanzania.

It is this approach that sets us apart, and has made us one of the most sought after teams in Tanzania

Marketing Services

Success in today’s economic environment requires an additional edge to stand out from competitors. UMG creates that additional edge by ensuring that you shine with concepts that are well thought through, that are unique, and get results.

Media Partners understands that sustained competitive advantage depends on a successful balance between meeting consumer and shareholder expectations. Media Partners will implement a marketing plan to achieve the objectives for both audiences.

We will research and understand the demographics of your brand and specifically target your audience. We will also establish the role that your brand will play in the market place in order to create a unique selling proposition. All the above is part of the consulting services we offer as a consulting firm.

Event Management

No event is too large or too small for Media Partners. We are one of the leading event management companies in Papua New Guinea. We manage events that have not previously been staged in Papua New Guinea. We possess the expertise, including a pool of specialists, to make your event a success.

Our specialist service providers include:
>> Lighting experts
>> Sound engineers
>> Creative directors
>> Set designers
>> Stylists
>> Music directors
>> Trade booth & conference managers
>> Budget tracking and management personnel


Let’s face it; advertising is all about being noticed. At Uhuru Media Group, we are not about conformity and obscurity. If you want presence in the market place, UMG will make your presence be seen, heard, and felt across all media spectrum in Tanzania.

We devise eye catching advertising concepts and presentations and effectively manage the dynamics of structure and content, to ensure that every advertising presentation supports the clients’ objectives.

Our creative graphic artists are experienced and talented individuals that employ styles ranging from the best of modern, contemporary, and traditional, and utilize the latest technologies including state-of-the-art special effects software.

Our Production personnel are experienced in design, fabrication and installation procedures and ensure that quality advertising products result for each and every project.

Media Management

UMG has full PR and media accreditation in Tanzania for now, which enables us
to undertake media placements on behalf of our clientele. We have excellent
relationships with all media houses (Online, Audio- visual and Print) and can
negotiate better rates and/or prime locations at all times, as well as receiving
early opportunities with media specials.

The team at UMG always ensures a sound knowledge of a client’s consumer base. We always critique and recommend a media schedule that takes demographics and the watching, reading and listening habits of consumers into consideration.

Our media scheduling is driven by the appropriateness of the style of placement to the relevant listening and/or viewing audience.

That’s what makes the new UMG a success story -we tailor media planning to
your business.

Public Relations

Communication is about building relationships, as well as timing. Our rapport with leading journalists in the media enables us to cut through the red tape and create good PR coverage.

Our public relations services include:
>> Media press releases
>> Special feature articles, supplements and
editorial inserts
>> News conferences
>> Annual reports
>> Newsletters
>> Seminars
>> Conferences and conventions
>> Tours & visits
>> Trade shows
>> Government Relations
>> Social media posting

Commercial Printing

Uhuru Media Group utilises media relationships in unison with an integrated campaign to ensure that the share of voice in the market place is amplified. We have established a fully-fledged commercial printing press under the guise of Uhuru Printing Press. We offer a wide range of print solutions ranging from annual reports, corporate profiles, calendars, manuals, client service charters, election materials, ballot papers, tally sheets, medical forms, municipality forms, posters, billboards, frames, books, magazines, paper bags, tickets, etc

UMG has acquired its own state of the art commercial printing equipment from Heidelberg Germany. These are machines that have attributes like from computer to plate (CTP), 80,000 Prints per hour, print, dry and cut etc

Art Direction

Most forms and purposes of photographic work can be produced in: house, particularly for personal identification products, graphics for television commercials and/or press advertising, as well as printed materials from brochures to reports, banners and billboards.